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D Litter - Born 10th June 2006 Click here for more information on the puppies

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Haze ('Louandi Carbon Copy')


Malory (Malory de Condivicnum)

Haze & Malory Pedigree :

Jet ('Louandi Diamond')

Red Male

Owned by Mike and Glenda Bacon

Chilly (Louandi Duplicate')

Red Bitch

Owned by Anne and Andrew Challis


Ruby ('Louandi Destiny')

Red Bitch

Owned by Brian, Pippa & Emily Hopcraft

Amber ('Louandi Diva')

Red Bitch

Owned by Andrew Challis and Sarah Rosewell


Shady ('Louandi Dynamo')

Red Male

Owned by Nicola Flynn

Maise ('Louandi Desire')

Red Bitch

Owned by Iris Phillips. Handled by Katy Phillips



Seth ('Louandi ')

Red Male

Owned by